Health and recipes

Jednym z ostatnich trendów żywieniowych, który przy okazji wywołuje wiele kontrowersji są diety oczyszczające.

It has been known since a long time that people who often eat sea fish stay in good health. It is thanks to substances such as omega 3 fatty acids found in fat sea fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel and tuna. 

Herring has its place in the Polish cuisine. Poles eat it as main course, add it to salads or serve herring snacks. It is good to know that herring is not only tasty, but also healthy.

According to doctors, pregnant women’s diet should be rich in fish, which is an excellent source of valuable nutritious elements, including omega 3 fatty acids, easily available proteins, iodine and vitamin D, which are indispensable not only for the woman (as th

In order to prepare a healthy, tasty dish that looks good, you have to have a piece of fresh fish or other meat. All you have to do to obtain the results you want is to follow a few simple rules.


Grilled fish is a tasty dish appreciated by those who like to eat healthy. However, it is necessary to know a few tricks in order to prepare such a fine and light dish.